Are We Human?

This post was from the older blog. Posted on July 22, 2015

Are we even human? and are we really real?
Or are we so confused that we forgot what it feels like to feel

I mean, as the days go by, I just grow cold hearted
A senseless soul as I say my good byes to another sister who was martyred
Paint a picture of a perfect world which is nothing short of distorted
Nothing short of a disguise, to try to hide all the lies from behind of all the children dying
As a little girl cries, “I’m alive I’m alive I can’t believe I’m breathing”
See we’re alive too sweetie but our hearts aren’t really beating
See every time I hear you scream on the screen
I’ma quickly get to leaving, hit the X please,
I mean I really need to sleep this evening
I mean how can I eat while I watch her bleeding
I mean how can I turn the heat on my heaters while I watch her freezing
So if I hear her screaming one more time, I’ma hold my breath and close my eyes
and just pretend to be dumb, deaf and blind and hope to death she doesn’t die
Failing to realise that our silence is a crime, that is lethal

As we sit and blame God for the problem of evil
Aren’t you the All Powerful? please turn it back to peaceful.
Despite the fact He gave us all that we needed to free these people
But are we even people? And are we all really equal?
Or is it okay so as long as it doesn’t happen to you?
As videos gain views all over youtube and we see them die all day on the news
As we sit at home so confused, still not sure what to do
But hang our heads in despair as we watch vids of kids struggling for air
Screaming to God hoping he’s there, See God’s right here, but you, you were where?

The only reason He let you watch them suffer was to see if you would care
He gave you all this food you never needed just to see if you’d share
And He gave all this money too just to see if there’s a dollar you would spare
But you would hold on tightly, daily and nightly

Living life as a dream, hopeful of what it might be
But what does life mean?
Apart from amusement and play past times and pleasures that are destined to fade away
Left us all deluded thinking we’re going to take this all into our graves. NAY.

Live life as a traveller and only take you what you need along the way
It’s going to leave you empty handed apart from the deeds you sowed today
From the struggle you put forth and the charity you chose to pay
So what have you prepared?
For that day when we stand shaking and scared
Sweating to our knees and the new born is left grey haired
As we are brought forth to our Lord

Ya Allah I seek justice, screams the girl we ignored
From the Ummah that had forsaken me, despite all the times I had called
From the rubble I had roared and I roared
Ya Allah I seek justice from the wealth they would hoard
From an Ummah that neglected the hungry and the poor
that slept on a full stomach while we were left starving next door
Ya Allah you are my witness I couldn’t take it anymore
I was cold and clotheless as I slept naked on the floors
Ya Allah I seek justice from all the pain that was caused
Wasn’t I worth more than your shopping sprees at the stores ?
and money you splurged at the malls?

So if yo’re still breathing, know that there’s people needing your support
I’m pleading to please give
and if you’ve already given, please give some more
For it’s not to save their lives at all, but by Allah it’s to save yours
So Give.

–This Poem was spoken by Kamal Saleh on Youtube–


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